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I planned my trip to the Zion Narrows Canyon as a photo opportunity, but once I started through the canyon I quickly realized this was far more. This was a journey of endurance, reflection, marvel, humility, focus and survival.

I came away with only a few images of this journey because I found it difficult to photograph, mostly due to time. The other because often times you are walking through the river in waste deep, moving water, and this required me to keep all my camera gear in water proof bags in my backpack, so every photo opportunity required an unpack and repack of equipment. If time would have allowed, I would have taken a photo at every bend as this place is truly that spectacular. This canyon is as narrow as just a couple of feet, and often widens into vast riverbed gorges in others, making every turn of the corner as interesting as the last.

This was truly a journey for me, not just another hike. I left the Zion Narrows exhausted, both physically and mentally. Physically because it's 16 miles of walking in a river, ranging from a few inches, to a few feet deep -- but more importantly, mentally. Spending a day in the narrows really opens your mind and the beauty and enormity of such a place is humbling.

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