Stephen W. Oachs Photography

"The Grand Homestead"

Near Jackson Hole Valley, Wyoming, at a location called Mormon Row, the last remnants of a century old community braves the elements, marking time surrounded by the magnificent Grand Tetons rising in the background.

This site, built by early American settlers arriving in the 1890s from Idaho, was a community called "Grovont" with a total of 27 homesteads that was developed into rich farm land, painstakingly cleared and tended by hand.

The area today is known as Antelope Flats, situated between the towns of Moose and Kelly. It is a popular destination for tourists and photographers on account of the historic buildings and the herds of bison that often graze on the wide open grasslands.

This photograph showcases one of the few remaining old barns, almost bringing this piece of Americana back to life for a moment, as it sits surrounded by vast open fields of grass and sage, overseen by the magnificent winter peaks of the Tetons.



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