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"Savanna Baby"

The African baboon, also known as a savanna baboon, is an "old world monkey" and are without tails. One of the largest monkeys, depending on the species, they average from 33 to 80 pounds, and are 20 to 40 inches long.

Young baboons are not weaned until they are about a year old, but don't reach sexual maturity for five to eight years. Young males leave their birth troop before reaching maturity, but the young females stay with their birth group their entire lives. Troops have a hierarchical structure, and members relate extensively through vocal exchanges. Within family groups, there are well-defined positions, determined dominance and individual relations, yet they are known to incorporate dogs into their social groups.

Taken at Lake Nakuru, Kenya, Africa, this alert and precocious baby baboon is estimated to be only a couple weeks old. Its day was spent running around expending a lot of energy, learning about its new world.

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