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In a National Park, far, far away...stands a majestic, ancient time-worn natural formation known as Arch Rock. This impressive landmark takes on a breathtaking new life after dark.

Arch Rock, sitting within the 550,000 wilderness acres of Joshua Tree National Park in Southern California, seems to transform after sunset. At night, the iconic structure seems to become an enticing viewing portal of the Milky Way, and the brilliant star cluster that points to the center of our galaxy.

Standing at this place, gazing upward, one can't help but feel as if the arch might become a magical gateway to the heavens, to a galaxy far, far away....



Visitor Comments

Jessica - (December 15th, 2010 (8:35pm) PST)
Oh my goodness this an absolutely amazing and breath taking photo! Well done! Absolutely stunning! But i must ask... What filters did you use to capture this much detail???
Jessica - (December 16th, 2010 (5:00pm) PST)
Oh and i must ask also, what filters do you recomend for capturing stars cleary and detailed in your photos? Thanks so much!
Richard - (December 25th, 2010 (1:48am) PST)
Astonishing picture! Great setting thnx for taking it
Ramesh Perla - (July 22nd, 2011 (2:05pm) PDT)
Breathtaking picture! I cannot begin to appreciate your talents and eye for capturing such a stunning shot. I can only imagine what it would be like to be part of your class :) Cheers.


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